How to become more productive in your stock trading

This is not your typical video about stock trading, but it’s very useful if you are trying to become better at it.

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  1. Clay says:

    Good suggestions. I try to read an hour at a time, usually, regarding trading articles, etc. Some of it is “new” material (to me) and requires some wading through at times, other may be a review or repeat of something else I have read and can quickly read the important points. I like to print articles and then use a hiliter to emphasize important info. The problem with that is I have ended up with a rather large quantity of printed material (which was sorted out about 3 weeks ago LOL).

    33 min and 33 seconds is an odd time frame, but what the hey…..I will try it, or something similar and take more frequent breaks. I never thought of using a calendar in that manner either and will try that.

    Thanks for sharing this infomation.


  2. Ed says:


    Thank You for the video. Very helpful. Make it a Great Day.


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